Somewhere Better Than This Place

by Hot And Ugly

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released July 10, 2011

Kyle Sweitzer: bass
Jeff Winter: guitars, vox, samples/noise
Jeremiah Willis: drums, vox

Additional musicians:
Chris Cooper - lead vocals on "Mass Genocide"
Andy Litwiller - mellotron on "Smother", additional guitar on "Damned"

Recorded and mixed by Kyle Sweitzer

Front cover and Hot And Ugly logo by Chris Cooper



all rights reserved


Hot And Ugly Lawrence, Kansas

Do Satan

Worship Drugs

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Track Name: Mass Genocide For Love
loneliness or boredom?
I don't know what compels me
my key survival instinct
to procreate or die
more than that it's pleasure
I need companionship
a significant other
to make me feel alive
how will I find my blushing bride?
I've got to cleanse this motherfucker
eliminate undesirable types

right click, left click, enter, delete
these are my tools of mass genocide
online dating because I'm afraid of the light
Fuhrer Courtesan in binary disguise
but I don't know what to say

hello there, I am me
I'm searching for missus me
are you the missus me
who I onto this site to see?
oh fuck no, that band sucks
you're not culture enough
you have a squinty face
plan nine from outer space?
you say there's more to love
you're fat, just be straight up
where is my Eva Braun?
the perfect specimen

first the showers then the furnace
perfection my way come
but I don't know what to say
Track Name: To Call You A Douche Is An Insult To Douches Everywhere In The United States Of Douche (To Douche or Not to Douche)
I hope your smug sense of self-importance
keeps you warm alone at night
so hateful and weak when you speak

we're talking about academic philosophy

sew up your academics
into a self-serving blanket
ego trips as a cardigan
and may vanity cover your head
as only the worst kind of pride can.

you fucking douche

so why are you going home alone tonight?
Track Name: Damned Nation Lullaby
all my inspirations are
dead or insane
what is there to say
everybodys running around
in cycles with the moon
captain the copies are
copying the copies of
copies of copies

and as we progress
we digress; a dog, a wolf,
a butterfly, a worm

remember the world
when it was wonderous and new
now a fading dream
draped in haze into omit
vaugely felt in a glance
glimmering deja vu
the hopeless know humiliation

contaminate then self impersonation
be careful of what you become:
a junkie
a desperate man
a fallen star, a loon
remember the words:
"when I was young"

This soul is mine

assured in depravity
dim and blond
bright and devious

This soul is mine

now an old flag faded, tattered and torn,
once glorious now abandon and abused
so sweet, accessible, intimate and familiar
my revered obtuse

This soul is mine

run to the shores of reason
but we're coming up on the bridge
and everyone's jumping off into
jagged blue white